Protest infront of supreme court of Pakistan by Patafi Tribe (Sindhi Tribe)

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A protest took place in front of the supreme court of Pakistan by Patafi Tribe (Sindhi Tribe). This tribe demands from chief justice to take action against the murder of their family member committed by some influential landlords of Sindh.  Chuttan Khattoon, Ali Raza’s mother accussed a Sindhi landlord of kidnapping and killing her son.

She told the media that her son was kidnapped from near Mad of Taluka with the help of some security guards who belonged to an influential land owner in Sindh. Since a strong family was involved in the murder of her son, the police also refused to lodge her FIR. On top of that, the authorities registered a fake FIR against her family members. The mother even had evidence in the form of videos and images of her dead son. She protested the Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan, Chief of Army Staff, D.G Rangers Sindh to take action against the offenders.