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Can interim governments influence elections 2018

Kamran Khan in “Dunya Kamran Khan kay Sath” covered these topics:
• Senior political analyst and anchor person Kamran Khan said that, ” Can interim governments influence General Elections 2018?” The interim governments have no powers.
• Senior Lawmaker Farogh Naseem said that, “Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) should independently form interim governments” The interim set up is there to assist ECP
• PML-N leader and former Minister of Finance Miftah Ismail sait that, “After accepting the action plan Pakistan will be listed in the grey list of FATF” Miscommunication of our interior ministry is responsible for our placement in grey list.
• “Pervez Musharraf thanks CJP”
Senior lawmaker Irfan Qadir said that, “Pervez Musharraf was victimised”