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Asad Umar fails to bring any major changes in the economy

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Finance Minister, Asad Umar has been considered and valued as one of the most credible and talented politician among all the PTI members. But it has been noticed that Asad Umar massively disappointed the whole notion.

It is a known fact that Pakistan’s economy has always been no less than a challenge for every government. PTI also claims that due to the inefficiencies and corruption of PMLN, the economy of Pakistan has not been able to get back on a stable position.

But the main question rises, where did all the promises go now? PTI had claimed to make a significant change in the economy of country, but so far the story shows an otherwise result.

According to the state bank of Pakistan, due to the rise of dollar Pakistan’s economy has been badly effected. Right now, the exports rate in Pakistan in increasing with every passing day and there’s nothing that the government has been able to tackle this issue.

It is important to mention that ever since PTI has come into power, the debt rate of Pakistan has been increased to 200 Billion.

The current government had tried to gather financial support from counties like; Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, China and UAE but this has actually put out economy at a destructive end.

The whole nation look forward to seeing the change that was promised. And everyone in Pakistan wants that Imran Khan with his team should ensure to tackle with problems as he had promised before coming to the power.