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Trump begins push to win approval of new Canada, Mexico trade deal

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President Donald Trump on Monday praised a new trade deal struck with Canada and Mexico to revamp NAFTA, but acknowledged he could have trouble getting Congress to approve it if Democrats take control of the House or Senate in the November midterm elections.

“I understand the world of politics, I think, as well as anybody,” Trump said during a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden. “They can take the greatest thing ever done and try to make it sound as bad as possible.”Trump savored the end of 14 months of difficult talks that concluded late Sunday night, portraying the deal as a validation of his trade policies and the negotiating leverage provided by tariffs on Canadian and Mexican steel and aluminum and threatened duties on automotive products.

“By the way, without tariffs, we wouldn’t be talking about a deal. Just for those babies out there who keep talking about tariffs. That includes Congress. ‘Oh, please don’t charge tariffs,'” he said, mimicking those who have expressed concern about his tactics.

Trump said the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement would help U.S. workers and companies by increasing incentives to manufacture in the United States and North America. He criticized the existing NAFTA deal, negotiated more than 25 years ago, as “perhaps the worst trade deal ever made.”