Pak, UK sign declaration to check money laundering & bring back country’s looted money

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Mubasher Lucman in “Khara Sach” covered these topics:

Pakistan and the United Kingdom have launched a new initiative on Justice and Accountability to check money laundering.

Addressing a joint news conference in Islamabad today, along with British Home Secretary Sajid Javid, Law Minister Farogh Nasim and Prime Minister’s Special Assistant on Accountability Shehzad Akbar said the declaration will enhance cooperation between the two countries.

Gas prices in the country were increased by up to 143 per cent, Petroleum Minister Ghullam Sarwar announced on Monday.

Petroleum Minister Ghulam Sarwar said the majority of gas consumers would be subjected to a maximum 20 per cent increase, while consumers using over 500 cubic meters would see an increase of up to 143 per cent.