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Hafeez Jalandhari’s 36 death anniversary

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Today marks the 36th death anniversary of the famous and renowned national songwriter, Hafeez Jalandhari. Every time someone thinks of a poet name or someone who had made a contribution in the Urdu literature, it goes without saying, Jalandhari’s name always come up to the mind. His contribution to the sub-continent in the field of literature has been endless and that is one of the main reasons due to which people on both side of the border still remember him and consider his work as one of the finest literature work. 
But at the same time, it has been noticed that he was majorly known for writing a beautifully meaningful national song for Pakistan. This national song is today sung by everyone and we all have grown up listening and singing to it. Well, people who love literature still hope and pray that his work should be admired for ages to come and should be given all the respect that he deserves.