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Al-Azizia, Flagship: Haris calls JIT head head ‘dishon

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Wajid Zia, the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) head, admitted during cross-examination in the Accountability Court-II on Tuesday that the JIT was unable to produce any document or evidence to show the cash flow of Hill Metal Establishment.
Former prime minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif appeared before the court in Al-Azizia and Flagship Investment references.
Judge Mohammad Arshad Malik is hearing the references.
Answering a question about the Qatari letter, Wajid Zia said in the JIT report one of the dates on a Qatari letter was incorrect. However, he hastened to add that that “it was an honest mistake”.
On this, Khawaja Haris said, “Because of your dishonesty I am asking these questions”.