This rendition of “Aj Jane k Zid Na Karu” by an English woman will surprise you!

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Pakistani music history is phenomenally rich with talented artists, and our industry has produced songs that are close to the heart and soul of an individual. Speaking about iconic songs, ‘Aj Jane k Zid na Karu’ remains as one of the purest and loveable songs in the history of Pakistani Music Industry. This sung has been beautifully sung by Farida Khanam. Interestingly, a lot of singers had done rendition of this song but lately a female singer from US did a heart-warming rendition of this song at the Faiz Festival.

This female singer had done a great justice to the song as she has managed to bring and revive all the beautiful memories of the original song. Even though this lady has been brought up all her life abroad, but she puts all her effort and conviction to the song that it becomes no less than a living fantasy for the music lovers.

The original version of “Aj jane k zid na karu” would always remain as a glorious song but this latest extension to this song has made it more appealing and beautifully aesthetic. Perhaps, this rendition has managed to attract a lot more people who didn’t hear the original song before.