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The idea of peace and enhanced power supply has paved a way for success

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Unarguably, peace is one of the important aspects through which a country is able to create a sense of security for the people. Along with that, an enhanced power supply is another major aspect that helps to pave the path of success.

International Rating Agency for economies all around the world, Moody’s has published a report regarding Pakistan’s economy and the different issues it is facing.

Ever since the PTI Government was formed following the July 2018 General Elections, Prime Minister Imran Khan had announced drastic reforms program in many sectors of the government.

Imran Khan and PTI have always been big on the economy and Finance Minister Asad Umer has worked twice as hard as any minister in Imran Khan’s cabinet for the betterment of economy.

After the initial very hard period, it seems that Prime Minister Imran Khan led PTI Government has put the economy on a track at least and people can now finally lay their hopes on the shoulders of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Moody’s has presented a report about Pakistan’s economy which is part good and part not good. The Moody’s report about Pakistan is a mixed one where¬†economic growth which is considered as the major pointer of a government’s growth, is said to be between 4.3 and 4.7 in the next two years.

Another important thing discussed in the report is the Pakistan’s capacity for International loans. The category in which Pakistan is placed has remain the same which is¬† B3 -ve.

The report also said that peace and continuous power supply have raised the chances for further economic growth.