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California Governor’s 2 year year old son interrupts his speech

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California Governor, 2 year old son came to the stage during his father’s inauguration speech.

On Monday, in Sacramento, Gavin Newsom took the stage to give his inaugural speech as governor of California. Even though it was a defining moment for the former lieutenant governor as he was presenting his vision for America’s most populated state — including the strategies he wishes to adopt to fight the Trump Administration — his primary speech may be remembered for his son’s actions rather than his own.

As Newsom was recognizing the significance of accommodation in the “California dream,” his two-year-old son, Dutch, with a tiny quilt and a pacifier, walked across the stage to his father. “Now more than ever, we Californians know how much a house matters and children matter,” Newsom stated as he carried Dutch into his arms and the audience was amused at this unusual sight.

Newsom kissed his son, who snuggled into his shoulder, and Newsom, 51, held him through the next few minutes of his address, in which he discussed the value of supporting families and early childhood schooling, “In our home, every child should be loved, fed and safe. My wife Jennifer and I have four children, and there’s nothing more important — I hope you can tell — than giving them a good and happy life,” he stated.