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Production order has been issued by National Assembly

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National Assembly will be conducting a session today at 4 pm. This session holds a lot of importance for PMLN, as the National Assembly has issued a protection order for Shahbaz Sharif.  Further, Shahbaz Sharif has been facing a lot of trouble, NAB has highlighted how Shahbaz Sharif has been involved in a couple of cases and had done corruption through few projects. National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaisar on Friday issued production order for Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif for the upcoming NA session starting on Monday.

The PML-N has filed the request with NA Speaker Shahbaz Sharif for the National Assembly session commenced for October 29 (Monday). PMLN is going through a crucial time, and they are trying to do everything possible in order to make Shahbaz Sharif come out of this problem. In addition to that, PTI and PMLN will have their individual party sessions. It is being suspected that both the parties will be discussing about the issue of production case that has been issued by National Assembly.

The production orders were issued for the whole session of the National Assembly, which is expected to continue for 15 day and after Shahbaz Sharif will attend the whole session of the National Assembly. It goes without saying, PMLN has come across one of the most difficult times. Being an opposition leader, Shahbaz Sharif has not been able to play an effective role.