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Afghan President develops a committee for dialogue with Taliban

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Afghanistan had been dealing with the issue of terrorism for a long time. In an account of this issue, the president of Afghanistan has developed a committee consisting of 12 people in order to start a dialogue with the Taliban. This committee will specifically be making comprehensive strategies through which Afghanistan can fight against terrorism.

It is a known fact, Taliban groups have been no less than a nightmare for Afghanistan. Ever since the Taliban have come into power, they have been the biggest threat to the notion of progressiveness and have used the religion card to get things done for their own personal interests.

Even though all the former governments of Afghanistan have been trying to fight against terrorism but things have not gone in the favour of Afghanistan. Thousands of people have lost their lives to the groups of Taliban and still, a majority of them are under severe threat.

The whole nation of Afghanistan is hopeful and wish to see a positive change happening any time sooner. Because it is important for every nation to ensure that they eradicate the notion of terrorism.