PM Imran condemns Samiul Haq assassination, directs immediate investigation

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Unfortunately, Pakistan is facing some severe issues in the shape of protests being led by TLP. Today Pakistan has lost Samiul Haq in the hands of barbarians. Due to an on-going tension within the country, a lot of people who belong to the government departments have already been threatened openly by TLP. Even though the murderer has not identified, but it has grown immense tension throughout the whole country.

Prime Minister, Imran Khan is on an international tour to China. He has strongly condemned the assassination of  Samiul Haq and has passed orders to start the investigation as soon as possible. This news has not only shattered the whole nation but it has also left a mark of disappointment within the minds of people. As a nation, we have not been able to be united as yet and Prime Minister has advised all the nation to be united and fight against all the odds being taken place within the country.

Further, police have already started to investigate the case and they are trying to get into the depth of the case. The whole nation wishes to see these barbarians being jailed.