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“Welcome to Mercy” trailer promises more terrifying nunsploitation

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The latest haunted movie Welcome to Mercy, will be released on November, 2 2018. The story is about a single mother named Madaline, is stricken with stigmata and is sent to a distant nunnery where nothing is how it appears. The role of the mother is being played by played by the film’s screenwriter Kristen Ruhlin.
Madaline’s friend, August (being played by Lily Newmark from Solo) is apparently the only person she can trust. With some help from her, they must fight the devil inside Madaline before it turns her into the Antichrist. Besides the plot, the writer of the film is Kristen Ruhlin and Tommy Bertelsen is directing it. Welcome to Mercy also stars Lily Newmark, Eva Ariel Binder, Eileen Davies, Victoria Sokolova, Danis Grube, Toms Liepajnieks, Sophia Massa, and Ieva Seglina. Demonic films are getting redundant with every passing day, but from the trailer, this looks like a promising one and full of suspense.The movie just came out with its first official trailer and poster, and they are absolutely intriguing.