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NAB Lahore calls Hamzah & Salman Shahbaz at 2 November

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It seems like as if the whole universe is conspiring against the Sharif Family. Recently, Shahbaz Sharif had been arrested by the NAB and now Hamza Shahbaz has also been called by NAB. A complete inquiry will be made on the property of Shahbaz Sharif, and since, Shahbaz Sharif himself is under an arrest which is why Hamza have been called to clear all the speculations related to his father.

Hamza Shahbaz has been called by the NAB on 2nd November and it seems that problems for the Nawaz Family are just reaching to another extent. Given that, there has been a couple of cases against the Sharif Family and most of them have been linked with corruption. Ever since Nawaz Sharif and Maryyam Nawaz bail, it has been noticed that NAB is trying to find out all the pieces of evidence that would prove the allegations of Shahbaz Sharif.

The whole Pakistan seem to be concerned about Sharif Family, and they look forward to seeing what is going to get unfolded in the upcoming days. Shahbaz Sharif was the opposition leader, and ever since Shahbaz Sharif has been convicted to Jail the whole opposition seems to be at distress and no one has been able to carry forward the role of opposition in an effective way.