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Prime Minister: its not important to answer everything opposition asks

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ISLAMABAD – PTI’s parliamentary party had a meeting today which was chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan.
Prime Minister took the party into confidence over his recent visit to China. Imran Khan excused from answering questions regarding the details. Khan said that China doesn’t want us to openly announce the details of financial help that Pakistan has received as it can disturb China’s relation with other ally countries who are a part of the greater Belt and Road Project.
Talking about the protest and sit ins of TLP, Prime Minister referred to it as a bomb that could’ve exploded if not handled correctly. Khan said clearly that using force against our own people was never an option. He said that governments could have fallen if anything had gone wrong. The people in the sit in were brought by giving them money, Khan claimed.
Another issue that Khan addressed was the word fight that has been going on in the National Assembly. Khan said it is not necessary to answer to everything that opposition says. Imran Khan ordered that from now on, every party member will talk to Pervaiz Khattak first before addressing the National Assembly session. Without his permission, no one will give a speech in the National Assembly.
Imran Khan also mentioned that he wont be attending the National Assembly sessions for two months now as the country is going through many challenges.