Saudi Arabia: A ray of hope for economically deficit government

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Prime Minister, Imran Khan is struggling with stabilizing the economy of Pakistan. It is unfortunate to see how with every passing day Pakistan is reaching to the maximum limit of an economic deficit. Finance Minister, Asad Umar has been under a lot of pressure from the opposition and has not been able to formulate policies that can boost the economy of Pakistan. But PTI has not lost their hopes and is making all the efforts to save the crumbled and distorted economy of the nation.

Imran Khan will be visiting Saudi Arabia on 24th October to attend Future Investment Initiative Conference (FIIC). Prime Minister, Imran has especially been invited by the prince of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdul Aziz to attend this conference and meet the businessman from all across the world who would wish to invest in Pakistan for the future purposes. This conference will be an opportunity to convince businessmen and IT experts to invest and start their new projects in Pakistan.

Further, Prime Minister is expected to meet King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz to discuss matters related to investing in several projects in Pakistan. It is being expected that Saudi Arabia will help to boost the economy of Pakistan and it is hoped that a lot of difference will be witnessed in the economy of Pakistan.