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Wear it Pink!- Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Wear it Pink! Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The color, pink is an international icon for breast cancer awareness. Pink ribbons, and the color pink, are associated with someone who acknowledges breast cancer and honors women who fight breast cancer. Pink is generally worn during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month i.e.: October. Institutes associated with breast cancer use the pink ribbon or the pink color, to endorse breast cancer awareness, and to stimulate fundraising.

Thinking about having breast cancer is scary. In reality, a woman is being diagnosed with breast cancer every 10 minutes. Pakistan is one of the leading countries where a huge percentage of women become a victim of breast cancer. An early diagnosis can considerably reduce the chances of death. This is why it is absolutely necessary to get yourself checked this month, regardless of how great you’re feeling. It is utterly essential which might save your life!


Early symptoms of breast cancer can be a lump in your chest or underneath your armpit.  You must go see an oncologist who can test you manually as well as do your mammogram test. The mammogram procedure is not at all painful and hardly takes ten minutes. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and tell every female to get herself checked this month! Let’s show our support this month. We’re in this together!