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Killing voices of dissent?

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In this episode Meher Bokhari lays out three cases within the last three weeks of rampant killings of innocents and those raising their voices against the state. From the Sahiwal Incident to the killing of Arman Loni and to Irshad Ranjani, president of Jiye Sindh, who was riddled with bullets. He was lying on the ground, gasping and then taken to the police where he was riddled with 8 more bullets. The police say that he was a crook but the question arises that why would the President of Jiye Sindh be stealing anything? There are many similarities between this case and the Sahiwal Incident; both happened in broad daylight with no regard for the law, one was blamed for terrorism and the other for being a crook, police brutality has become the norm. Murad Ali Shah has called out this violence by saying that this is a democracy, not a police state. The police cannot operate above the law. And the biggest advocate of that ideal was Asma Jehangir who passed away last year on Feb 11, 2018.