CJP extends eviction deadline after police, protesters clash in Karachi

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Javed Chaudhry in “Kal Tak” covered these topics:

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar has extended the eviction deadline for the residents of Pakistan Quarters by three months after several residents of the federal residential colonies clashed with the police in the port city on Wednesday.

Earlier in the day, at least 16 people, including six police personnel, were injured as a protest by residents of Pakistan Quarters against their eviction led to clashes with law enforcement forces.

As the situation worsened, Sindh Governor Imran Ismail contacted Justice Nisar, who ordered that the operation be halted for three months.

      Prime Minister Imran Khan was addressing the nation a day after returning to Pakistan from Saudi Arabia.

At the start of the address, PM Imran Khan said, “I have as good news for you that we have got a bit relief as got package from Saudi Arabia that would help us to have a sigh of relief “

Khan said we had limited resources and were at the brink of becoming defaulters. We had two options; either go to IMF or seek help from friendly countries.

“If we had gone to IMF directly, we’d have had to borrow more money and that would have meant stricter conditions which would crush our poor strata of society. But now we are in a better position.”