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Bomb blast in Kabul

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A bomb blast took place in a car in Kabul today in which four people lost their lives and ninety people are injured.
According to the reports, on Monday, four people were exterminated when a suicide bomber discharged a vehicle loaded with explosives in the capital Kabul.

Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish estimated that roughly 90 others were wounded when the explosion took place near the Green Village compound, home to numerous international organizations as well as non-governmental organizations in Kabul’s Police District Nine (PD9).

Danish remarked that three army personnel and a civilian were killed in the outbreak.

Twelve women, 23 children and 55 men were injured in the evening blast, stated Danish. “Dozens of civilian homes were damaged as a result of the strong blast,” he remarked.

Health Ministry spokesperson Wahidullah Mayar also declared that 90 people, mostly residents, were injured and taken to hospitals in the capital.

According to the Kabul’s police chief, the blast took place between the Green Village and the country’s customs department, all roads to the area were obstructed by security forces and an enquiry has been hurled to evaluate the harm instigated by the bang.

So far, there has been no statement of responsibility for attack, but both the Taliban and the Islamic state group have earlier claimed attacks in the capital.