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State Bank’s Monitory Policy is aligned with the financial policy of govt, says Asad Umer

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ISLAMABAD – Finance Minister Asad Umer has said that the new monitory policy issued by the State Bank of Pakistan is aligned with the economic policy of the PTI government.

Pakistan’s economy is in a very fragile state. A few days ago, currency was heavily devalued and to our surprises, Prime Minister Imran Khan said in an interview that he had no idea as to why the State Bank of Pakistan devalued the pakistani rupee. This lead to many speculating whether there may be a lack of communication between the Prime Minister’s office and the office of the finance minister.

Recently the matter of currency devaluation became a source of concern for everyone when the Prime Minister in an interview said he didn’t know about currency devaluation till he heard the news. It indicated that there’s a communication gap between PM house and Finance Minister as Asad Umar, the Finance Minister already knew about the expected currency devaluation.

Federal Finance Minister Asad Umer is one of the most important members of Imran Khan’s cabinet. After Khan himself, Asad Umer has probably the greatest responsibility on his shoulders. Imran Khan and PTI have always been big on the economy so it makes sense. After the rumours of Federal Finance Minister Asad Umer resigning and exchange of harsh sentences between the Finance Minister and Jahangir Tareen, the PTI heavyweight Tareen has came outside denying the rumours of any rift between him and the Finance Minister.