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Three wounded as apparent gas explosion destroys Karachi shop

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At least three people were wounded in an explosion in a shop in the neighbourhood near Matric Board Office in the metropolis’ North Nazimabad area, authorities said.

The injured people were moved to a nearby hospital.

Authorities, including police, rescue personnel, and bomb disposal squad (BDS), immediately arrived at the scene of the blast to control the situation and tend to the wounded.

The impact of the explosion shattered the windows in nearby buildings, affecting multiple cars and motorcycles parked in the vicinity, and destroyed at least three neighbouring shops as well.

According to rescue sources, the blast was likely caused by gas that had leaked out of one of the two cylinders inside the burger shop and filled up inside. Both the cylinders, however, were safe and intact.

A fire consequently erupted that was doused by a fire brigade vehicle present at the scene within the hour.

Speaking , Shakeel Sarfaraz, the deputy superintendent of police (DSP) for North Nazimabad, said that an investigation into the explosion was currently underway.