Wasim Akhtar: We should work hard for the development of Pakistan

The Mayor of Karachi,  Wasim Akhtar addressed the media regarding the growing issues arising in Pakistan, and the need to take measures in overcoming these issues, ” We should work hard for the development of Pakistan and dams are very necessary for Pakistan.”  The aggravating problem of water crisis in Pakistan was also brought up by the media. Upon this, Wasim Akhtar remarked that the Federal Government and the Chief Justice are taking several initiatives to overcome this issue rapidly i.e: collecting funds for the construction of dams.

According to him, construction of both big and small dams would eventually lead to the restoration of rain water, and solve the water crisis that Pakistan is facing.Moreover, he suggested that the nation must follow the teachings of our founder, Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah in order to solve the problems arising in our country.The Mayor also stated that the people of Pakistan are looking forward to the steps being taken by the new government in the eradication of the current problems the nation is facing.