The Helmet Mafia And How The Government Is Taking Care Of It.

The Helmet Mafia And How The Government Is Taking Care Of It.

Helmets became the number one commodity after the Lahore High Court passed strict orders to imposed heavy challan fee on not wearing one on the road. People all around the city were buying helmets by the hundreds so the helmet mafia hiked the prices and were reported selling local helmets for as much as Rs1500 rupees who’s actual cost is not more than Rs500 or Rs600.

The government finally took action and in a meeting with Auto Union, has fixed the price for both the local and the imported helmets. During the meeting, the authorities have decided to fix the price of local and imported helmets to Rs500 and Rs1150 respectively.

The step is taken to curb the helmet prices that were hiked after the Lahore High Court (LHC) passed the order to take strict actions against the violators.

After the directives of LHC, the city traffic police launched a crackdown against the violators and a fine of Rs1000 has been imposed on violators. Moreover, strict action will be taken against the shopkeepers who will be found selling the helmets for more than the standard rates.

On Monday, Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA) in collaboration with the Punjab Police introduced the E-Challan system in Lahore. Violations will be detected with the help of CCTV cameras installed throughout the city and if someone violates the traffic rules and regulation, an e-ticket fine will be generated and will be sent to the violator via courier service.