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Tabdeeli has taken a swing by almost increasing prices of utilities

Tabdeeli has taken a complete swing by increasing prices of utilities

It would be fair to assume that PTI had set a great benchmark, the ones who voted or didn’t vote for PTI have been waiting for PTI’s slogan, “Tabdeeli aa nae rahe tabdeeli aa gaye hai” to come into reality after now finally PTI has come into power. Metaphorically speaking, our nation thought Imran Khan has a magic wound and he is going to fix everything as earliest as possible. But it has gone the way around, Pakistani’s have been bombarded with a load of increased utility prices.

Tabdeeli has taken a swing by increasing prices of utilities









Ever since PTI has come into power, there has been a lot of speculations going around the news in regards to their future economic policies and how PTI would stabilize the economy of Pakistan. Recently Asad Umar, Finance Minister of Pakistan has shown complete confidence to raise the prices of gas and electricity. People have gone insanely furious after knowing that they are going to get bombarded with increased prices.  It is an obvious fact that Pakistan has a large ratio of people belonging to the middle and lower socio-economic class which is why the raised prices have raised questions over the proclaimed “Tabdelli”.

Speaking about the increased prices,  it has been approved by Asad Umar that electricity will be increased 2rupees per unit across whole Pakistan. As long as the increased rates of Gas are concerned, there has been a variation made among different classes. For instacne, people belonging to middle and lower class will witness an increase of 10-12pc, while people belonging to upper class who fairly have a lot of consumption in terms of their usage will bear an increase of 143pc. Finance Minister, Asad Umar has been trying to justify this decision.  He claims that in order to bring economic stability and prosperity in Pakistan it is improtant to reduce the economic deficit, and the increased prices will later help to decrease the economic deficit.