Launderer of Tando Mohammad Khan gets million of rupees in his account

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After the Falooda seller from Karachi, another man who is a launderer by profession, has received 1 crore 4 lakh rupees in his account.
Federal Investigation Authority called on Tariq Saeed from Tando Muhammad Khan who is a launderer by profession.
Tariq was surprised to hear about the money. He said he is a launderer by profession and lives hand to mouth, hardly earning 200-300 per day. Tariq also said he has no account in any bank whatsoever.
In initial investigation the account has turned out to be a fake one. The transaction was done in 2011.
Tariq Saeed is another name in the list of random people who have recently found out millions of rupees in their accounts recently to which they have no idea about.