PSO continues to be victim of circular debt in Pakistan

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Pakistan State Oil (PSO) continues to face the adverse impact of circular debt and there is no way forward carved out by the government to wriggle the entity out of the crisis owing to which the cash flow situation is feared to emerge. Asad Umar recently conducted a meeting with the representatives of PSO and clearly, PSO showed their concern of how they are falling in deficits and need a lot of money to overcome that.

Apparently, Pakistan has been fighting with their disturbed economy from a long time and PTI is already struggling to reform some major economic policies. Well, PSO is one of the most important sectors of Pakistan that provides the facility of petroleum to the nation. But it seems like that PSO itself is facing some serious debt issues and the organization is clearly losing hold of its financials.

Given that, Asad Umar has taken this matter under serious consideration and he will make sure that the government cooperates with PSO and everything is sorted out in a comprehensive manner.