Nawaz Sharif jailed again, the money laundering nexus busted

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Zara Hat Kay – 24 December, 2018

The highlight of the day has been the arrest of former three times prime minister Nawaz Sharif. He has been jailed over the Al-Aziziya reference case where he failed to give the money trail. He was been acquitted in the previous case of Flagship where he was jailed again, and released over the appeal launched by him. This episode will discuss the decision in detail.

Another development today was the money laundering nexus that was busted including Zardari, Omni group, Bahrain Town and Sindh Bank. All these stakes were involved in money laundering and several unnamed transactions took place. Sindh Bank that lends only 4 billion in one loan tranche, lent Rs. 10 billion to Zardari. Bahria Town has allegedly grabbed land from the rightful owners to make this housing scheme