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US dollar increases by 6 paisas in Interbank

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US dollar increased by 6 paisas today in Interbank.

On Wednesday, the US dollar was trading over Rs139 against the rupee in the market. The greenback has been balancing at this level for over two weeks, a sign that it has attained stability after being unstable throughout 2018. It has been one of the most unstable years in terms of exchange rates variations.

Since striking its all-time high of Rs140.3 in November, the dollar has been trading in a close range of Rs139 to Rs140 and displayed no extreme oscillations unlike in the previous year.

The dollar rate has appreciated 27% against the rupee, in the short period of one-and-a-half months.

The increase in the dollar price alongside the Pakistani rupee is because of the alteration in our exchange rate plan and increasing worth of dollar in the international market

Market forecasters say the dollar may further increase in case of an added postponement in receiving a loan from the International Monetary Fund to increase our dollar investments. In addition,  some forecasters anticipated that it would cross Rs140 level but some even stated  that it might touch Rs150 by June 2019.