Man gets beaten up by students at Punjab University for sitting with his wife

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A man was beaten up on Wednesday at Punjab University by a student organisation for sitting with a woman on campus. The woman says she is his wife.

The couple were eating food near the university’s history department when the group approached them.

In a video of the attack, the woman, an MPhil student at the sociology department, can be heard shouting, “He is my husband. Why are you beating him up?” Professors had to intervene to stop the fight.

The couple argue that they weren’t doing anything wrong and were just eating. The man hasn’t filed a complaint yet.

The university administration has taken notice. The head of security at the university told media that the couple has forgiven the goons and hence no action can be taken.

This has been going on in Punjab University for quite a long time now. Such extremist student groups hunt students who are sitting with girls and beat them in the name of morality and religion.