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Worst flood in 22 years in Venice

The officials of the city of Venice, Italy, stated that 70 percent of the city has been flooded by more than 5 feet of water (more than 58 1/2 inches) above sea level.

CNN claimed this flooding to be the worst to ever hit the city in the past 22 years. This same storm system has been linked to at least nine deaths across Italy.

“Geography of Venice is key to its storm-tide problem. It is nested within a lagoon at the far-northwest end of the Adriatic Sea,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Jim Andrews said.

Because of his outrageous flooding, tourists and residents were in almost waist-deep water.

Venice quite often floods when high winds push in water from the lagoon, but Monday’s levels have been unexpected. Furthermore, the forecast to rise even higher, to 160 centimeters (nearly 63 inches) by mid-afternoon.

According to the weather stastics, the current degree is the highest that has been reached since November 2012,  Before this, the water level was risen by 160 centimeters in December 1979.

Italy is still under a threat of experiencing flooding from heavy rainfall. One of the reasons why the situation has worsened is the poor maintenance of the river beds.

Veneto regional governor Luca Zaia stated that flooding might reach the levels of the 1966 flood that swamped both Venice and Florence.