Three ministers face graft probe

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Recently, three members of the Federal Government have been found guilty for their involvement in corruption. Even though the charges have not been proven and the investigation process has to proceed but a lot of speculations have already built up against these ministers. PTI government has come under a lot of pressure and the whole media wants the current administration to take a strict action against the accused ministers if they are proved guilty.

In response to these allegations, Prime Minister, Imran Khan has come forward and took the responsibility of starting a proper investigation against these ministers. It has been claimed by Prime Minister that if the charges against these ministers are proven right then strict actions will be taken against them.

It is believed that PTI government has already been under immense pressure from the opposition and public which is why the newly formed government is being considerate and cautious of all the uncertain situations that can create chaos. Further, over a period of time NAB has come into action and has shown utmost responsibility for investigating people who are involved in any sort of unethical and unconstitutional activity.

Perhaps, a lot of people have built a positive opinion that government has become active and is making ample amount of efforts to make sure that justice is served to all the people equally. Given that, many institutions across Pakistan have become active and are taking responsibilities to make the change happen in Pakistan.