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Meera’s lawyer sends her legal notice, actor asks him to respond too

Meera has always been known for her amazingly funny English. She has come in the spotlight all over again, and this time it has been because of her cleverness. Meera has recently come across an issue, she had been accused by her personal lawyer for doing a money fraud with him.

Well, apparently Meera had issued a bank check of 15, 00,000 Rupees for his lawyer. While the lawyer tried to issue his check, he was informed by the bank that Meera’s account doesn’t hold a sufficient amount of money and his check was bounced there and then.

Out of complete furiousness and discomfort, Meera has already sent a legal notice by his lawyer and looks forward to the clearance. But, the story turned the other way round. After receiving the legal notice Meera mentioned, “You are my personal lawyer and you have been handling all my legal cases, now please go ahead and solve this issue as well”

Meera has not only shook the people with her response but she completely showed a surreal side of hers. It is hilarious to see Meera how she has completely mishandled the whole situation, this is exactly like one of those same situations when Meera Ji mishandles her English. This particular situation has become quite uncertain and the whole nation would be eager to see a further response of Meera towards this issue.