Aleem Khan: “All my properties are the result of my hard work and ,all my assets have been declared”

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In light of an undeclared property worth Rs. 450 million in the United States, Aleema Khan is under fire.
Prime Minister Imran Khan’s sister, Aleema Khan is under fire for evading taxes and not declaring her assets.
In her Supreme Court hearing, reporters asked her a number of questions concerning her undeclared properties. She stressed that her properties were the result of her hard work and that she has been a businesswoman for the last 20 years.
The hearing has occured following leniency being shown towards the Prime Minister’s family when there has been severe action taken against members of PPP and PML(N). So far she has a property worth Rs. 450 million in the United States and a flat in the UAE. The report also unearthed a flat in London which is headquarters of Niazi Services Limited, an offshore company of which Aleema Khan was the only employee.