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Pros and Cons for introducing Chinese language in curriculum

The former government of PML-N initiated a project known as CPEC which aims to strengthen the economy of Pakistan at a wider scale. Ever since CPEC has started there has been a lot of speculations around the corner by media, political and economic experts. Unarguably our nation has put a lot of questions and demands for a couple of explanations in regards to the development of this humongous project.

In the recent times, China has played a vital role in the economic development of Pakistan. It has been witnessed that China has a lot of influence over Pakistan, and lately our government came up with the idea of introducing the Chinese language in the national curriculum of Pakistan. There are certain pros and cons of introducing the Chinese language in a curriculum which are as follows:


  • An opportunity for the people to learn a new language that could help them in regards to meet the international standards.
  • Opens a pathway for cultural and traditional customs exchange between the people of both nations.
  • Strengthens and fortifies relationship of Pakistan with China.


  • For a layman, getting along and understanding a new language will be a difficult task.
  • Chinese can be a threat to the national language of Pakistan as people will become inclined towards a language that is gaining popularity around the globe.