PTI's Shaukat Yousafzai wins re-election on PK-23 | Goonj

PTI’s Shaukat Yousafzai wins re-election on PK-23

Dunya News reports that due to a minimal participation of women in the election, the election commission had advised for a re-election on PK-23 (Shangla-I) constituency of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The unofficial and unauthentic result of PK-23 went in the favor of PTI, with  Shaukat Yousaf Zai winning with a grand total of 41817 votes. Muhamad Irshad Khan was placed second, with 21925 votes. The final result of PK-23 were gathered from a total number of 135 polling stations. Shaukat Yousaf Zia’s victory is a reflection of PTI’s popularity in KPK, and further establishes them as a voice to be heard in the KPK assembly.  People belonging to the constituency of  PK-23 have set a lot of expectations from the winning candidate, it has become the foremost duty of Shaukat Yousaf Zai to make sure that the law and order situation must be improved within the constituency.