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PM House – An Epitome Of Luxury!

PM House – An Epitome Of Luxury!

Prime Minister, Imran Khan has decided not to live in the luxurious palace known as the PM House in Islamabad. He has even announced to convert it into a research university.

This decision is a result of the wider austerity drive by the PTI led government. Imran Khan announced that he won’t live in these palaces because it doesn’t suit the Prime Minister of a poor, indebted country to live by such lavish accords.

For the very first time, some journalists were given access to film the PM House just to show people how previous Premiers used to live.

The whole of the PM House, official wing and the first family residence, is no less than a living example of lavishness. It is decorated with expensive artworks, gilded furniture and door knobs, huge chandeliers, banquet hall, 3 types of guests rooms, pantry, kitchen, swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, gym, squash court, tennis court, petrol pump, mini zoo and this is just the start.

Another example of how tax payer’s money was extravagantly used, is the official complex dedicated to Mariam Nawaz (who had no official post) which previously used to be the office of the Deputy Military Secretary to Prime Minister. The whole media cell was operated from there.

Another notorious thing done by Nawaz Sharif is the new cabinet conference room because he didn’t like the 3-minute drive to Prime Minister Secretariat where a conference room already exists.

All of these things are just the tip of the ice berg. The lavishness of 1100 Acre PM House does not end here. There are 102 cars, 8 helicopters and 8 buffaloes for Prime Minister as well, from where pure milk was sent to the kitchen for the use of First Family.

In accordance with Imran Khan’s austerity drive, this abode of lavishness is being turned into a research university. A majority of PM House’s car pool is being auctioned.