PM did not order inquiry against any minister: Fawad Chaudhry

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Recently, three ministers who are currently a part of the cabinet were suspected and alleged for corruption charges. Prime Minister, Imran Khan had previously mentioned that legal investigation will be started against all the ministers and if the said allegations against them are proven, in that case, all the ministers will be disqualified. But Information Minister, Fawad Chaudhry has stated entirely opposite to what Imran Khan had mentioned before.

Fawad shared on his personal twitter account which goes like, “There is no probe against any minister, neither PM commented on any such probe. PM did emphasize that he will not tolerate any corruption, it’s absolutely unethical for a Newspaper to make such headline without bothering for a version of Government”.

This tweet has created a lot of confusion and misunderstanding in the media. It goes without saying, that media has become one of the important modes of communication for everyone. Media has misled people in the past, if the tweet of Information Minister was to be considered and understood, then it is clear to make a judgment against the media. But the notion of uncertainty and certainty is still misunderstood by many, a lot of people are unclear that how PTI is dealing with the situation.

Perhaps, the nation believes and want Imran Khan to come out and unfold the truth related to this. If three of the ministers are already being suspected for their involvement in corruption, then PTI must take actions against them. Unarguably, PTI has been vouching for anti-corruption slogans and narrative ever since they have come into being. The whole nation expects this government to deal with this issue effectively and efficiently. A lot of people still believe that PTI should be given benefit of the doubt, and they will wait for PTI to actually come out and show transparency in regards to this issue.