Lahore: Lack of medical facilities in Punjab dental hospital

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Dysfunctional equipment, shortage of consultants, extra burden of patients and inadequate space has been affecting the overall service delivery at Punjab Dental Hospital, the oldest healthcare facility in dentistry presently working in a dilapidated building.

Providing dental health services to Lahore and its surrounding areas since its establishment in 1930, the Punjab Dental Hospital is presently in a shamble due to lack of interest on the part of ruling elite in shifting the facility from dilapidated building to a safer premises, repair/replacement of dysfunctional equipment and filling vacant posts of consultants.

Around 500-600 patients are daily visiting the hospital at its OPD. Six out of nine Autoclave machines and 87 out of 97 dental units are lying dysfunctional for years. Compressors of majority of the air conditioners and the central air conditioning system of all departments are not in working condition.