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Nicholas Sparks releasing his new Novel, “Every Breath”

Nicholas Sparks releasing his new book, "Every Breath"

The world renowned American author, Nicholas Sparks famous for his novels, “The Notebook”, “Message in a Bottle”, and ” A Walk to Remember”, is set to release his new novel called, “Every Breath”. As the author shared on his certified Instagram account, this book is expected to come out in one month, i.e October 16, 2018. Previously he has published nineteen fictional books, and two non-fiction. With the launch of “Every Breath” Sparks would have launched a total of twenty novels. Similar to his other stories, this novel is also expected to be based on romance and love.

This story is about a girl, Hope Anderson who is at a place where she needs to make some life changing decisions. She has been in a relationship with a man for six years but when her father falls sick , she is no longer sure of what she wants from life.

On his official website, he shares that his latest story is set in North Carolina, and is about two people who meet by fate. The story revolves around how their lives completely transform after meeting each other. An audio-version of this book will also be launched for people with reading disabilities on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Moreover, this book is also available for pre-order. The common theme of all of Sparks’ novels is love. This is because the audience never seems to get tired of it. They like to believe that love is the bigger power.

Eleven of his major works have been adapted into films such as “Dear John”, “The Notebook”, “Message in a Bottle”, “The Last Song”, “Safe Haven”, ” The Choice” etc. If “Every Breath” is well-received by his audience, he might be willing to allow this novel to be adapted into a film. Sparks claims that the main characters of this novel, are inspired by real people. In addition, “Every Breath” consists of 320 pages, so it is a relatively short book. We cannot wait to see what new Sparks has in store for his readers.