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33 Crore found inside ex government official’s house

LAHORE – NAB has recovered 33 Crore from an ex government official’s house in Lahore on Friday.

According to the details, NAB Lahore has raided an ex bureaucrat’s house in DHA EME Housing Scheme and has recovered an enormous 33 Crores.

The amount consists of local and foreign currency of 10 and 3 Crore respectively, as well as prize bonds worth 17 Crore. NAB Lahore executed this raid on a secret tip in DHA EME Housing Scheme on Multan Road.

NAB officials have also recovered foreign contacts which are currently being vetted. DG NAB Lahore has ordered an investigation against ex-bureaucrat on the grounds of having more assets than income.

NAB said that the identity of ex-bureaucrat has kept hidden for now to prevent any hindrance in the investigation.