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Foreign Office Spokesperson : Aasia bibi hasn’t left Pakistan

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The last week has been insanely rough for Pakistan, even though our nation was able to witness the strength of Supreme Court and a lot of people believed that finally Justice is being served in the country. Unfortunately, TLP made things worse for the government and refuted the decision of the supreme court.

Due to an endless pressure of TLP and other religious parties, our government has not been able to send Aasia Bibi to a foreign Country. In an account of this issue, one of the spokespeople from the foreign office mentioned that Aasia Bibi is still in Pakistan and the government is looking into the matter with immense consideration.

It goes without saying that PTI has been under a lot of pressure, and it seemed like Pakistan gave away their strength to extremist. But the whole nation is still hopeful to see Aasia Bibi leaving this country and want PTI to take stand against TLP in this regard. It is unfortunate to see how TLP has been misinterpreting and misrepresenting the narrative of blasphemy and they clearly have been using religion card to get things done for their own interest.

After a long time, Pakistan had finally been able to give away verdicts that were not biased. But still, Pakistan is under a threat from the extremist and there are a lot of issues that this newly formed government has to deal with.