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MM Alam: Remembering the 1965 war

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In 1965 Pak-India War, the armed forces of Pakistan created history by defeating an enemy five times bigger in size and resources and forced the it to change strategy from advance to retreat. Veteran of the 1965 War, Maj Gen (R) Rehmat Khan warmed the hearts of the audience at the Aiwan-e-Quaid with shining memories of September 1965 War and shared its firsthand account as he personally participated in the fight. On the eve of Defence Day, Nazriya Pakistan Council (NPC) had organized a special lecture by Gen Rehmat on Thursday. Those who had turned up to listen to his morale-boosting account of the war included NPC Chairman Dr Naeem Ghani, Senior Vice Chairman Mian Muhammad Javed, members of the NPC Executive Committee Nargis Nasir, Maj General (R) Muhammad Tahir, former High Commissioner of Pakistan to Malaysia Lt Gen (R) Tahir Mehmood Qazi, Advocate M Kokab Iqbal, intellectuals and writers.