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Famous Qawal, Aziz Mian’s 18th Death Anniversary today

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Today marks the 18th death anniversary of the well-known qawwal Muhammad Aziz Mian. He was born on April 17, 1942 in New Delhi. He shifted to Lahore with his family after the Indo-Pak partition.  He was recognized for singing ghazals in an exceptional method of singing Qawwali. Pakistan’s government granted him the Pride of Performance in 1989 as gratitude for providing his facilities to the music industry. Through his ghazals he spread the message of peace amongst people. He had a grip over poetry and Sufism. He was one of the Qawwal legends who did justice to this art. He learnt to sing Qawwali from his guru Abdul Waheed. Unlike majority of Qawaals in his field, he was highly educated as he had done an MA in Urdu, Arabic and Persian from the University of Punjab. He was recognized globally for singing these qawwalis, ‘Main Sharabi’, ‘Teri Soorat’, ‘Allah He Jane Kaun Bashar Hai’ etc. He died at the age of 58 and was buried in his hometown, Multan.