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Family in dispute with Azam Swati demands his resignation

ISLAMABAD – Federal Minister Azam Sawati’s scuffle with a neighbouring family is no where near settlement.

Five members of the opposing family were put in jail on the application of Usman Sawati, son of Federal Minister Azam Sawati.

The relatives of the said suspects held a press conference in Islamabad today where the brother of Niaz Muhammad, Abdullah told the media that the matter of the cow is just an excuse as the Federal Minister wants to grab their land. “The federal minister’s son Usman Swati said we dare not mess with him. My brother’s family is being threatened,” he added.

Along with this accusation, Abdullah told the media that whatever his brother did was to protect his own dignity.

Abdullah demanded Azam Sawati’s resignation from Prime Minister Imran Khan. “His party membership should also be suspended,” he added.

Abdullah said that the news of our settlement are not true. Five of my family members are still in Jail, how can we settle.

Former Member Parliament from Bajor, Sahibzada Haroon Rashid accompanied the victims. He said that five members of the family are still in Adiyala Jail.