DG Rescue Rizwan Naseer to provide important record of Rescue1122 for investigation

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National Accountability Bearue seems to become active in investigating people and departments which are involved in corruption. In regards to the recent investigations trial, the department of Rescue 1122 has come under the consideration of NAB.  According to the latest news and updates, DG Rescue 1122 has been accused of corruption. Rescue 1122 has come under the consideration of NAB, and it has been found out that the department is involved in corruption of 10 Million rupees or above.

The investigation has been further carried forward and the DG of Rescue 1122 has been called for an inquiry. According to the latest reports, DG Rescue 1122 has done corruption by buying ambulances and other equipment at a considerably high price. Having said that, it is being claimed that corruption has been carried out through buying ambulances and other equipment which were supposed to be bought at a fairly less price. In addition to that, three other officials from 1122 have been called out for investigation and it is being suspected that they also had an involvement in the corruption.

It goes without saying that NAB has become active and we can witness how investigations are being carried out effectively. Further, a major notice and action will be taken against the people who are involved in the corruption and NAB has formulated strict measures against them. It seems like that the role of NAB has been redefined at a whole new level and all the departments that are working across Pakistan have become cautious enough.