Lesson for Indian celebs Mawra's response: Pulwama attack

Lesson for Indian celebs, Mawra’s response: Pulwama attack

A lesson for Indian celebs: Mawra's graceful response to Pulwama attack

Mawra’s response acts as a lesson for Indian celebrities such as Kangana. The “Aangan”star, Mawra Hocane spoke following the Pulwama attack. Unlike majority Indian celebrities, Mawra addressed the issue of Pulwama attack gracefully. Under the current circumstances, celebrities in both the countries are expressing their views.

Like always, India is blaming Pakistan for the attack. However, Pakistanis are not up for being part of the blame game. While Indian celebrities are throwing shade at Pakistan, Pakistani celebrities are also not choosing to remain silent.

Amongst these celebrities are, Mawra, Shan, Hamza Ali Abbassi etc. In addition, Mawra has worked in Bollywood , “Sanam Teri Kasam” and has shared her joy working in India.Soon after this, India prohibited the entry of Pakistani celebrities in Bollywood.However, when it happened this time, Mawra spoke up against it.

Mawra responded to a question from a follower asking her views on the Pulwama attack. Mawra presented three solid arguments in a dignified manner. This reply should be a lesson for Indian celebs who are spreading hate mindlessly.


She questioned the follower for judging her even before she did anything. Secondly, she said, “every life lost is a human life lost.”  Lastly, Mawra requested everyone to stop spreading hate. In such difficult times, Mawra set an example for Indian celebrities to follow.  They must realize that this is not justice.It is unfair to blame Pakistan without any proof.