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Lahore Traffic Police Started E-Challan System.

Lahore Traffic Police Started E-Challan System.

The E-ticketing system was established by the Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA), Punjab Police Integrated Command, Control and Communication System (PPIC).

In a recent development, the system of E-Challan has been engaged and now works with the CCTV camera grid across Lahore. As a result, about 1,000 people have been sent E-Challans for breaking traffic rules in Lahore.

Sources report that more than 17,000 traffic violations were observed through CCTV cameras in a month, on -Mall Road, which is Lahore’s busiest road. According to the PSCA, these violations only include those who were breaking lane rules and not obeying traffic signals.

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The violators will receive the e-challan instruments at their addresses registered against their vehicle IDs.

The instruments contain real-time violation graphics, type and corresponding penalty numeric initially to be paid to branches of Bank of Punjab, whereas, similar arrangements are underway with National Bank of Pakistan along with various other deposit facilities.

Initially, the e-challan will be issued on the violation of the red signal, however, those involved in other kinds of traffic violations will also be dealt with electronically.

The operations are executed from PSCA Electronic Ticketing Centre in coordination with the city traffic police officials and in compliance with the Motor Vehicles Ordinance and Rules Section 116-A.

The e-challan depicts all the violations, fines, and relevant instructions so that the citizens should get to know of the rules, they are expected not to flout.

The fine is to be paid in 10 days or the amount might be doubled. Frequent violations or non-payment of the fine will compel the traffic police, impound the vehicle.