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BECS teachers protesting outside parliament

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The teachers of BECS system are now protesting outside the parliament and this is the protest over a week now.On Monday Islamabad-Basic Education Community Schools (BECS) teachers held a protest at D-Chowk and threatened to walk towards the assembly house upon non-fulfillment of their requests of regularization and owed pays.  From all over the country, teachers have demonstrated a sit-in at D-Chowk and are pressurizing the discharge of their unpaid incomes for the past nine months and the regularization in the service structure.

This protest is being carried out for more than a week. In the meantime, the office of federal education has been failed at asking the activists to compromise on their demand for the regularization in service.  While talking to the press, Secretary General BECS teachers association, Nemat-ullah Khan, stated that the government and ministry of education were not taking this protest seriously and because they are forced to take extreme measures of marching towards the Parliament House,  “We will march towards the parliament house soon and protest there”.

He stated that the teachers have gathered here for a positive cause and to make their voice being heard. In this process, hundreds have suffered and fallen sick in the extreme cold as there is no proper arrangement. He said that the protestors had no arrangement of sheltering themselves in the downpour. They have had to fight the police as they captured a few of the teachers in an attempt to calm the situation but the quite the opposite seems to be happening, as the teachers progress with even more strength and vigor now.